Natures Formula P&K


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Natures Formula P&K gives you a boost of phosphorus and potassium. P&K can be applied either in furrow or foliar. Great for use of row crops or for grass production.

Guaranteed Analysis: 3-7-11

Nitrogen (N)…..3%

Available Phosphate (P2O5)…..7%

Soluble Potash (K2O)…..11%

P&K is derived from a source of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, manure, peat moss, and humus.

We recommend 2 gallons of P&K with 1 gallon of Bio-Sure Grow per acre.


$10 per gallon (plus shipping). Available in 1 gallon jugs, 55 gallon barrels or 250 gallon totes.

To learn more, order in bulk or ask questions about Natures Formula P&K, please call or email!