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Bio-Sure Grow is an all-natural, OMRI listed microbial fertilizer. Bio-Sure Grow is compatible with other fertilizers or chemicals and will actually make them more efficient, therefore needing to use less of them. It is simple to use and produces superior results on all types of plants.

Bio-Sure Grow is a natural, quick-response formulation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Bio-Sure Grow is derived from natural humus of manure and humus of vegetation that is put through a proprietary process to suspend the micro-nutrients within the solution. This means this product has a very long shelf life, unlike other products. Bio-Sure Grow is an organic root stimulant and fertilizer that is taken into the roots and through the foliage. Bio-Sure Grow quickly and effectively mobilizes nutrients to show a response within 24 hours.

With the Natures Formula +B Pest Preventative (which is OMRI listed), crops will be protected from insects. Natures Formula +B Pest Preventative is applied at planting time for best results. The plant will uptake a microbe and when an insect takes a bite of the plant, the microbe will kill the insect. This is not harmful to beneficial insects since they do not eat the plants nor is it harmful to livestock or humans.

With the Natures Formula +M crops will be protected from mold/fungus. This works the same way as the +B. But instead of a microbe, the plant will uptake an enzyme that will protect the plant from mold/fungus. Check both these products out!


$25 per gallon/ $15 per gallon for 55+ gallons (plus shipping). $3 more for Natures Formula +B and $4 more for Natures Formula +M. Available in 1-gallon jugs, 55-gallon barrels or 250-gallon totes. You are able to order Bio-Sure Grow with both additives from this page. Ordering Bio-Sure Grow with only one additive, please go to that additives page.

To learn more, order in bulk or ask questions about Bio-Sure Grow, please call or email!

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