Natures Formula is proud to introduce our newest product – MICRO-BURST!!! We have heard from many farmers about the problem they have with too much residue in fields because it won’t break down. Now there is a solution to this problem! Micro-Burst was designed for stalk/residue degradation. Micro-Burst is a special blend of bacteria and fungi which helps accelerate the breakdown of plant material and turn it into organic matter! We have tested Micro-Burst in the real world since this spring and have seen fantastic results thus far. Application rate is 1 pint per acre and is best applied over the top.  Call us for more details and to order yourself some Micro-Burst this fall to get your left over crop residue to work for you instead of against you!


$56 per gallon with an application rate of 1 pint per acre. When ordering, if you would like a shipping quote, please call! Otherwise an invoice will be sent via email to cover the freight! Shipping is not free! To learn more or ask questions about Micro-Burst, please call or email us!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 12 in