Your Questions About Microbe-Based Ag Products Answered

See the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Bio-Sure Grow. If you have any other questions you’d like us to answer, please let us know and we will answer it on a future video.

1. How much water do I mix with Bio-Sure Grow? (0:35)

2. What happens after you mix Bio-Sure Grow if you have a breakdown in the field? (1:21)

3. What is the best way to store Bio-Sure Grow? (1:56)

4. Can the product freeze? (2:16)

5. What is the shelf life of Bio-Sure Grow? (2:47)

6. What is the shelf life for the Natures Formula +B and Natures Formula +M ? (3:13)

7. Will Bio-Sure Grow mix with any synthetic fertilizer? (3:50)

8. Will Bio-Sure Grow work with any herbicide? (4:16)

9. Has mixing Bio-Sure Grow with other fertilizers/herbicides ever caused any issues? (4:31)

10. How much agitation do you need when mixing Bio-Sure Grow? (4:41)

11. Can you spray Bio-Sure Grow while its raining or right before its raining? (5:20)

12. How long does Bio-Sure Grow last in the plant? (5:59)

13. How long does the Natures Formula +B and Natures Formula +M last in the plant? (6:36)

14. How soon can you turn livestock out after fertilizing with Bio-Sure Grow and the Natures Formula +B ? (7:33)