Our mission is to help farmers and ranchers restore balance to their operations so they can stand strong and carry on for generations.


From the Earth to the Earth. Our naturally reoccurring microbes we extract and put through our process understand balance. All of our products contain our NF-Bios Technology. Order today! 


Enhance the health and productivity of your soil with Natures Formula’s specialized solutions. Ideal for controlling pests, molds, and fungi, these products are perfect for maintaining a vibrant, healthy garden or farm environment.


Improve the wellbeing and efficiency of your cattle with our range of nutritional supplements. These products are designed to boost cattle health, ensuring optimal growth and productivity.


Cater to your horse’s health and performance needs with our Equine line. From nutritional feeds to skin care, these products ensure your equine companions are well taken care of, enhancing their endurance and overall condition.

Natures Formula
Sustainable Ag Solutions

Increase Farm Profitability & Sustainability with Natures Formula

At Natures Formula, our dedication goes beyond just selling products; we’re committed to being a partner in your agricultural journey. Founded in 2013 by Bill Strange, our Texas-based company has quickly become a leader in providing microbial fertilizers and probiotic livestock solutions. Our goal is simple: to empower farmers and ranchers to build sustainable, profitable operations through our innovative, natural products.

Microbe-Based Fertilizers | Probiotic Livestock Solutions | Improved Soil Health

Natures Formula stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Our products, all made in America, are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by modern agriculture. Whether it’s improving soil health or enhancing livestock well-being, we offer tailored solutions to reduce input costs and boost productivity.

Our Products & Services

Microbial Fertilizers


Bio-Sure Grow

Transform your soil’s health with our premier microbial fertilizer. Designed to boost crop yield and quality, Bio-Sure Grow is an essential tool for sustainable agriculture.


Specialized Blends

We understand that each farm is unique. Our team works closely with you to create specialized microbial blends that cater to the specific needs of your soil and crops.

Probiotic Livestock Products


Feel Rite Drench

Enhance the health and vitality of your livestock with our probiotic drench. Formulated to support digestive health, it’s an ideal choice for improving overall animal welfare.


Lung Score

Our innovative product aids in respiratory health management, reducing the need for retreatments and promoting healthier livestock.

Consultation and Support


Expert Advice

Our team of agricultural specialists is always ready to provide guidance and support, helping you make informed decisions for your farm or ranch.


Custom Solutions

We offer personalized consultations to develop tailored strategies that address your unique agricultural challenges.

Quality and Sustainability


Made in America

All our products are proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability for American farmers and ranchers.


Eco-Friendly Practices

We are dedicated to environmental stewardship, ensuring that our products and processes contribute to a sustainable future.

“I applied the Bio-Sure Grow to dry land cotton at 1 gallon per acre with first spraying of dicamba. This place usually yields 800 lbs. but I got 1326 lbs. that year.”

Tell, Texas

“We were very surprised to see how well it worked with the herbicide! We didn’t have any issues with reducing the full rate of herbicide by 50%. Some places we cut the rate to 1/3 rate and had pretty good luck as well.”

O’Fallon, Missouri

“I started using Bio-Sure Grow on my alfalfa crop, my RFV went from 190 to 222. Also my production went from 1800 lbs. per acre to 3200 lbs. per acre.”

Crowell, Texas

“We noticed a huge increase in the animal’s desire to get up, eat and drink after being drenched with Natures Formula Feel Rite Drench. We also really like the fact that it is very low stress application.”

New Mexico

“We use the Lung Score in our operation and it has cut down on the number of retreats and most of them drop a whole lung score when listened to with a stethoscope.”