Probiotic Livestock Products

Feel Rite Drench

This is a nutritonal probiotic livestock drench that helps aid in stressful times.  It helps to deliver the proper microorganisms to the digestive system.

Lung Score

This product helps aid in a healthy respiratory system.  Can be used when you have sick cattle come in, to help cut down on your  sick  pen numbers.

Liquid Additive

Our product can be fed as a addtivie to any liquid feed.  This supplement increases the animal's uptake of nutrients which increases overall health.  


This product is a unique blend of herbs and microbes to help support a healthy immune system.  Can be used to treat the Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis disease.   


For all livestock can help with wound care and overall health of the infected area. 

Animal Hair Tonic

Helps strengthen the hair, promotes hair growth, give a overall healthy appearance. 

Animal Skin Care

This product helps with overall skin health.  Can be applied to problem areas or overall for good skin health.  

Probiotic Mineral

Free choice mineral for cattle, contains a source of live viable naturally occuring microorganisms. 

Probiotic Supplement

Helps maintain overall good health in the animal.   Can be added to your daily ration.  

Endurance Equine Feed

This product helps with muscle fatigue and will improve the overall performance of the animal. 

Odor Away

A non toxic product from a natural formulation of plant extracts.  Can be used on all surfaces and sprayed in the air  to eliminate odors. 

Bio-Sure Grow

This is an all natural organic easy to use no chemical product.  This product is great for all types of plants. And wont harm you or the environment. 

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