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Improve Livestock Performance & Feed Efficiency with Probiotics

Feel Rite is a nutritional probiotic livestock drench designed to provide support during stressful periods. With its carefully formulated blend of nutrients and probiotics, Feel Rite helps maintain gut health and overall well-being in livestock, ensuring they stay resilient and healthy even in challenging situations.

Feel-Rite is specially formulated to reduce stress in cattle during challenging times. Loaded with essential electrolytes, beneficial microbes, and a vitamin pack, Feel-Rite is the go-to solution for cow/calf operations, particularly during the weaning process. Our unique formula helps calves transition smoothly by encouraging them to eat and drink water immediately, reducing bawling, and easing separation anxiety from their mothers. Trust Feel-Rite to support the health and well-being of your herd during stressful periods.

This product is a nutritional probiotic livestock drench that aids in stressful times and helps to deliver the proper microorganisms to the digestive system. This product should be used on all incoming cattle to aid in sick cattle and help stimulate the rumen. This product also works great to clear up calves with scours!

$4.38 per head/dose + shipping

*The manufacturer makes no claims of guarantees concerning the use of this product and its effectiveness due to conditions beyond our control.


“We noticed a huge increase in the animal’s desire to get up, eat and drink after being drenched with Natures Formula Feel Rite Drench. We also really like the fact that it is very low stress application.” ~New Mexico

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