Product Information

Feel Rite Drench


This drench is a nutritional probiotic livestock drench that aids in stressful times and helps delivers the proper microorganisms to the digestive system.  We recommend that you use it on all incoming cattle for aid in sick cattle and to help stimulate the rumen.  It will make the cattle go to water and eat quicker.  

Lung Score


Helps with a healthy respiratory system without the use of antibiotics

Can be used to help cut down on your sick pen and number of retreats. 

 Our product contains a combination of plant extracts, probiotics, and microbes. 

Liquid Feed Additive


Our product can be fed as an additive to any liquid feed.  Our product can supply the rumen with the degradable protein source that can help with microbial growth and improve digestion.   

This supplement increases the animals uptake of nutrients which increases overall health.



This product can be used to treat the Equine Protozol Myeloencephalitis disease.

We have treated several horses who have had the disease for quite some time and some new diagnosis.



Can be used internasal for a boost to the immune system.  Also for wound care can be applied or injected to the affected area.  

Animal Hair Tonic


Helps strengthen the hair, promotes hair growth, gives a overall healthy shine to the hair.  

Product Information

Equine Rite


Our product is a all natural probiotic drench designed to help horses during stressful times.  It is safe for all classes of horses.  It will help stimulate the appetite and water intake.  Great for travel to shows and new places.  

Animal Skin Care


This product helps with overall skin health.  Can be applied to problem areas or overall for good skin health.  

Probiotic Mineral


Free Choice Mineral for all cattle.

Our mineral is a complete mineral with a proper balance and ration of all 14 essential minerals. 

If you are not feeding a proper mineral you may see decreased calf weaning weights, small weak claves, reduced or delayed conception. Our mineral will minimize or eliminate those problems.  

Probiotic Supplement


Our product helps to maintain digestive health and can aid in supporting microbial function in all cattle. It can be added to your daily rations.

Endurance Equine Feed


This product helps with muscle fatigue and will improv the overall performance of the animal.

Odor Away


A non-toxic product from a natural formulation of plant extracts, and can be used on all surfaces and sprayed in the air to eliminate odors.

Product Information

Bio Sure Grow


Bio Sure Grow is a balanced chelated fertilizer with soil micro benefits and nitrogen fixation microbes.