Real Microbes, Real Solutions

Unlock the potential of your crops with Bio-Sure Grow. Harnessing the power of beneficial microbes, Bio-Sure Grow promotes optimal crop growth and soil health.

If your not familiar with Bio-Sure Grow, what is it?

Bio-Sure Grow has the proper balance of bacteria and fungi for soil health. Bio-Sure Grow is a humic/fulvic acid blend containing live, viable natural reoccurring MICROBES and ENZYME. Through our proprietary process we are able to extract live natural reoccurring microbes from the earth and create the soil and plant beneficial biocatalysts that produce and deliver available nutrients to the plant in a micro form that can be absorbed through the plant cell wall in the foliage as well as the roots. It is simple to use and produces superior results on all types of plants.

Some highlights that Bio-Sure Grow can help you on your operation with are to reduce input costs, nitrogen fixation, enhance synthetic fertilizer, increase plant health, improve soil health, increase drought tolerance and more!

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