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On August 3, 2016 I treated the liquid feed I was feeding my heifers with Natures Formula Liquid Feed Additive.   There average weight on this date was 904lbs.  On October 22, 2016 I  weighed this set of heifers and there average weight was 1092lbs.  They  gained 192lbs. in 80 days that is 2.4lbs. per day.  These heifers had  been on blue stem grass pasture from June 3rd till August 3rd, they had  gained an average of 1.5lbs. per day.  During this time they were eating  an average of 4.5lbs. per day of the liquid feed.  After the Natures Formula Liquid Feed Additive was added their daily consumption changed to 1.2lbs. per day.  

 Mark Christopher
   Crowell, Tx.




In July 2016 I turned 32 cows and claves out on CRP grass along with Natures Formula Probiotic Mineral.   I did not feed any protein supplement to the cows or claves during the  grazing period that lasted until the first of October.  The cows stayed  very healthy and maintained their body score throughout this time  frame.  This set of cows usually weaned calves that weigh 475lbs. in the  first of November.  This year I am weaning calves in the middle of  October with an average weight of 617lbs.  That is 142 more pounds of  calf almost a month earlier that normal wean time.

      Mark Christopher

    Crowell, Tx.


"Our show heifer was not gaining weight like we wanted.  So we began using the Probiotic Feed Supplement.   During the course of the next month she gained over 100 pounds.  We  noticed that her overall health and appearance improved  dramatically."                   

AG Teacher:

 Tommy Burris

Natures Formula Endurance Equine Feed.


Reserve Champion Gelding at 100th Kit Carson County Fair in Burlington, Colorado.  This horse was fed our  


MB-1 Treatment


Horse was fed Natures Formula Endurance Equine feed, Probiotic Mineral, and other rations.  During a blizzard it looks like she tried to run into the barn and hit the fence attached to the barn.  She was given Equine Rite 5 days a week and MB-1 was applied to the wound . 

Endurance Equine Feed


One year difference on a Jr Stallion 

Top pick was before being put on Endurance Equine Feed and bottom is 1 year after being feed Natures Formula Endurance Equine Feed.

MB-1 Treatment


Sore on side of horse before treatment with MB-1 

After MB-1 Treatment


Sore after treatment with MB-1 


                  Statement of Conley Veterinary Services 

I am a large animal practicing veterinarian in North Central Texas.  I have been using Natures Formula products since 2016.  We have seen great improvements in treatment protocols using these products.  

All bovine abdominal surgery cases are given Feel Rite Drench prior to surgery.  We see a marked improvement in return to feed following surgery.   Additionally the cattle seem to return to full rumen function much more quickly.   As such cases of ruminal acidosis, grain overload, toxin ingestion, and inappetence due to illness or injury are also treated with Feel Rite.    It is my opinion these animals are improved with this treatment based on return to feed and water consumption when compared to non-treated similar cases.  We routinely recommend Feel Rite on arrival for any bovine hauled long distances.  

We have administered Feel Rite and Lung Score to several heard outbreaks of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex-bovine pneumonia- and see a marked improvement in response too traditional antibiotic treatment protocols.  In severe cases we have added intra-nasal administration of MB-1 and seen further improvement as well.  The cattle return to feed and water quicker and with a marked improvement in attitude and mentation-are less depressed and stoic.  

In extreme non healing wounds and injuries, MB-1 has been used with great success as a topical therapy both under bandage and as a lone treatment.  I have used MB-1 as a treatment modality in several cases of tumors that were unresponsive or not conducive (i.e. wild and dangerous to handle) to standard treatment in both equine and bovine cases.  In case marked improvement or complete resolution of clinical signs has been seen.  Improvement was defined as 1.0 no longer grossly spreading, 2.) reduction in size, 3.) or complete removal of the tumor grossly.  No histopathology is available due to the nature of the cases, but gross physical appearance and in some cases palpation of the lesion was used for determination of success.  

Equine Rite is being used by several of our clients with competition horses.  Initial reports are very favorable.  The animals appear calmer and do not go off feed and water when hauled to events.  We are beginning to use the product as an adjunct to conventional therapy for equine gastric ulcers.  Initial reports are favorable.

Skin Care and Hair Tonic are used as a topical wound treatments in both equine and bovine patients.  We have had great success with both products are as good in my hands as anything else available commercially or as a home remedy.  As such we generally recommend one week therapy for all wounds and surgical sites with Skin Care as a baseline treatment.  Adjustments can be made following the first week of treatment if necessary.

Robert Conley DVM

Bio-Sure Grow with +B additive



The +B microbe works by absorbing into the plant with he help of the Bio-Sure Grow, then when the predatory insect bites the plant the microbe works to kill the insect.  

We can add our +B additive to Bio-Sure Grow and it is very effective in controlling invasive crop damaging insects, and has no harmful effects on beneficial insects.


Bio-Sure Grow with +B/Mold

Progression of killing a painted lady worm


This soybean field in Nebraska was treated with 1 gallon Bio-Sure Grow +B/Mold in furrow during planting



Shot a web out to protect itself and died and petrified


Coastal Grass Roots used Bio-Sure Grow